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Beauty of nature… you so beautiful in that dress I wish to have that dress on my wedding day too, I’ve never seen a beauty.i wish you all the best in your marriage and the Lord almighty shower you with many more happiness in your marriage and your te… See more. Abercrombie Tace Clan Tartan Face Mask I am home literally crying thinking how you have changed over the years I am so proud of you you’re so different now are you sure this wedding is the right decision I will miss the old jlo please think about what you’re doi… See more Play GIF. Your A BLESSED Musical “ANGEL”! I , Love singing wit ur music,makes me feel “ALIVE”!Thanks,.. Beautiful dress,I wish we could see her lovely face.. Congratulations to you and Alex. Like i said before you look beautiful in white. The wedding dress looks perfect on you. Again congratulations. Beautiful dress ! Can you invite me to the wedding

Abercrombie Tace Clan Tartan Face Mask

This was my favorite song when I was growing up i really loved it and those moves. you rock JL .big love from Fiji. Johann Restrepo Cruz. Omg I was 14 when this song came out, it’s been 20 years and I’m still in my 20s and this song will forever be my jam. . My favourite song for ever ‘Happy 20th love don’t cost a thing ‘ beautiful JLO. Now does anyone remember what happened to Jennifer when she was filming this video? It was being shown on MTV’s Making a Video…she tripped and was taken out by ambulance . Love this song girl it will never get old like you are and aspiration to our Latino culture we love you.. It makes me feel so old!! . 20yrs!! Excelent song.. What will you be doing to honor 25years since Selena’s passing??. My very 1st and favorite album Abercrombie Tace Clan Tartan Face Mask

Abercrombie Tace Clan Tartan Face Mask

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