In 1918, Diana saved the life of pilot Steve Trevor – an American spy installed in the German Empire – after his plane crashed into the waters of Themyscira. The Amazons destroy all German soldiers chasing Steve. Aunt Antiope died from standing up to protect Diana. In response to the Amazons’ interrogation while tied to the Ropes of Truth, Steve revealed that he was an Allied spy during World War I and stole a notebook for making murderous gas. by Dr. Isabel Maru of the German fascist faction. At a laboratory in the Ottoman Empire, General Erich Ludendorff and Dr. Maru are building a new poison gas based on mustard sulfur gas to counter the Allies. Believing that Ares created this war, Diana asks her mother’s permission to leave Themyscira in order to find Ares with Steve.

Arriving in London, Steve entered the parliament building to give Maru’s notebook to his superiors, including Sir Patrick Morgan, who was trying to negotiate a truce with Germany. Steve believes that Ludendorff will complete his research and use the poison gas to mass kill people despite the ceasefire. Diana concludes that Ludendorff is Ares and that if he kills he will end the war. Steve and Diana decide to go to the front to stop Ludendorff. Steve invites three more close friends to go with him, spy Sameer, sniper Charlie, and Chief Napi (American Indians). Arriving at the Western Front in Belgium, the group of friends was intercepted by a heavy German machine-gun defense, until Diana used her extraordinary strength to get past this line of defense, helping the Allies to dissolve. Launched a town from German occupation. Diana and her group celebrate the freedom of the townspeople, and Diana falls in love with Steve.

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