Not saving words, just saying “fisherman”, not adding “fish”. Because many people go fishing almost not for fish. According to them, it is a time of reflection, freedom, transience, without distractions.
There was a separate world to think about on the shore. In the past, when it comes to fishing, people often think of the elegant pleasures of middle-aged or elderly people who have a lot of free time … Today, fishing is becoming a hobby. knowledge of many people, regardless of age or occupation.
The “anglers” are by the river in the afternoons.
Observing “tools” of “fishing addicts” is not simply a bamboo rod, a thin wire, a feather buoy, an iron blade as before. Now there are many modern accessories at many prices, suitable for many customers. Chinese fishing rods have high elasticity, flexible lengths, prices from 65 to 350 thousand VND / unit.
Need Korean, lightweight, sturdy accessories, the booklet can be bought separately, priced from 650 thousand VND or more. Next is the hand crank, direct rotation, simple type, with automatic winding equipment cost from 65-300 thousand VND. Usually “amateurs” fishermen only carry to river 1 need to be called for fresh air. But those who are “addicted” to official sentences carrying between 5 and 10 need all kinds.

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