It can be said that going fishing is a healthy pastime for many people. Each person has their own type of sentence. People love to fish at night, people like to fish for fun. People like to bait worms, termites, corn … But there is one thing in common, is that the fishermen do not like to eat fish. Unless a big fish craves the whole village.
Nice to know that there is a player named Long who always has a radio and plays lyrical songs. He revealed: The fish loves to listen to music so this is quite an important bait. With the job of repairing electricity and water, he spreads all the alleys, villages and streets. When I have free time, I can go fishing, listen to music, and feel my life is soothing.
Fishing is an elegant pleasure. And after that silence, many of the burdens and worries seemed to be relieved. There are so many silence and thoughts that only the gentle river bed understands. The river is inherently poetic. Without their shadow, the river would seem like it loses the beauty and vitality that binds the nature and people forever.

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