Staff involved in the script for part 1 of the film are Kripke and 5 other playwrights and many assistants to learn information about mysterious urban stories. Almost all the work is going well, and people split up into groups to write the movie. Before starting each session, everyone gathered and gave each group’s opinion, and then assigned one person to work on developing the scenario. Each idea is written to a board so that Kripke and Bob Singer can edit it if necessary. Finally, the manuscript was officially written, while Kripke supervised to ensure consistency between episodes. In the first part of the film, Kripke struggled to direct the film, until season 3 Kripke no longer controls because he thinks that everyone has a better understanding of the idea for the film.

Supernatural’s character is largely influenced by films like Poltergeist – which happens in the family rather than in some outback – and the Evil Dead 2 and An Aerican Werewolf in London – intermixed Funny style in movies. The idea is to make a horror movie that feels like it could happen in your yard, says Kripke. How many viewers have to exclaim when they see the vampires just inside some medieval castle.Some movies like The Two Sisters and Asian horror movies like The Eye, Ju-on, and Ring also make up the movie idea.

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