More than a year after Joan Boocock Lee died of a stroke, on November 12, Hollywood as well as all fans of comics and movies were shocked by the news that the father of superheroes, Stan Lee, also left eternity at the age of 95. The death of the great “father” left in this world so much pity and infinite regrets, but we also feel somewhat comforting when we know that he is now reunited with Joan, the wife he loves and cherishes the most in life, the fateful woman he has loved and thought of since they had not met.
Stan Lee’s most miraculous love in Hollywood: Love ever since I met, it took 2 weeks to break the flowerpot and then be together for 70 years without leaving.
During Marvel’s 75th anniversary, Stan Lee shared sweetly about his encounter with the love of his life that made everyone surprised and touched.
“When I was a child, I used to draw a picture of a girl, a body, a face and hair. That is the ideal girl in my heart. A perfect woman. Then, when I was discharged from the military, a cousin who knew a hat model worked in Laden Hats. He said to me, ‘Hey Stan, there’s this beautiful girl named Betty. I think I’ll like her. Why don’t you try to invite her to lunch, ”said Mr. Stan Lee.

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