Every year, reports estimate that hundreds of millions of sharks are killed for fin and recreational fishing; previously, sharks were only killed in shark-fishing, among the toughest ( as shortfin mako shark). Other types of sharks are killed for food (eg Atlantic long-tailed sharks, shortfin mako, etc.), some are used to make other products.Shark meat is very popular in many parts of the world, including Japan and Australia. In Victoria, Australia, sharks are the most commonly used fish in a meal with French fries, made from deep fried or pureed fillets and evenly grilled over embers.

Sharks are also killed to make fish fin soup. To get shark fin, one has to capture it alive and cut the fins with a hot iron and finally drop them into the water. Sharks are also killed for meat. The meat of sharks, cat sharks, rays … is an indispensable demand for consumers in the European and American markets. There have been cases of hundreds of sharks having lost their fins being picked up with no way to return to the ocean on their own. Natural environmental advocates are fighting hard to create a bill to ban the use of microfish in the US.

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