Rottweiler is named after a town in the south of Germany, where the breed was discovered. The Rottweiler breed is derived from the Italian clam breed. They were bred in the city of Rottweil, Wurttemberg, Germany and first appeared in the 1800’s, this new breed gradually became famous in the mid-20th century thanks to its Stuttgart breeders. Historically, they were used as herding dogs. Its ancestors are ancient from the Roman times, serving the army during the war, hunting in the middle ages or pulling wagons to replace horses or keeping sheep are the things people can take advantage of. From this breed, from 1910 until the present, this breed is officially recognized as police dogs. As such, it was originally used for herding, although it eventually trained to be a dog that could be used for search and rescue missions, guidance for the blind or as sight. guard and dog guard.

The typical characteristics and advantages of this breed are the ability to track, herd livestock, guard, guard, police dog, towing, and fighting dog. This is a breed that can serve in special jobs, it has strong personalities, Today, the Rottweiler is used in guarding, searching, guarding, scouting by police forces and ministries. border guards, in many countries this breed is seen as a friend, a means of guarding, keeping a house, generally being gentle and calm, although it may not welcome strangers because of instincts. territory and guard.

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