Does anyone know how many books in the world have, who has a complete list of published books about what knowledge. Books are an inexhaustible source of knowledge about all areas of the life of those who wrote to tell and convey to us. Books on economics, history and culture give us knowledge about business and social reality, about development through each human period.
Thick novels are not in vain, they tell us about a character’s life, events or events, this can be a valuable lesson for us in real life. The time to finish reading this book will certainly be a lot less than the time to live and experience practically like the characters in the book.
The lesson they have to spend a lifetime to learn, you can learn through the turn of pages of the book. Is it worth it? Not to mention books about science, domestic and foreign literature, books about family, love, …
All of them contain a concise source of knowledge, quintessence of human culture. After reading a book, you will know why when you burn gas, you should not put out the fire with water, or you should not speak up, interfere with people’s affairs even if you have a good will to help, … Read about what field you will get experiences, no one is sure that reading will not be successful but great successful people are eager to read.

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