Japan enjoys a strong growth in surfing and is becoming more and more popular. With four incredibly diverse main islands and a myriad of smaller islands of different shapes and sizes, there are plenty of opportunities for brave foreign surfers. Regardless of your technical level or your surfboard style, Japan always offers you something special.

Shikoku, the island with many undervalued elite spots, is often said to be the best area to surf in Japan and the best between June and November. the best estuary in the world, along with its beautiful scenery, is still unknown to many international tourists. On the southern island of Kyushu, you should check out the beaches in Miyazaki Prefecture. The Nichinan Coast, which stretches for about 90 km and has rock columns up to 70 meters high, is one of the highlights of the region. Ichiyumi spot is probably the best place to surf in Japan, thanks to its stormy dunes and wave walls. In the Kansai region on the main island of Honshu, you will find Isonoura Beach of Wakayama Prefecture. This beach attracts surfers from all over Kansai, especially during the long summer months.

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