Poster Black cat be strong be brave be human be badass Cats don’t have competition in the great animal kingdom and are great indoor pets for many reasons. Cats can be terrifically fun, and they can also take care of vermin in your home. Cats work to prevent rodents from getting inside to begin with.Poster Black cat be strong be brave be human be badass If you want to add a cat to your family, go to the shelter first to see what is available. Shelters all over the country are crowded with marvelous cats, and most provide veterinarian care with the adoption fee. Adopting your cat at a shelter allows you to save a cat’s life while also helping mitigate overpopulation.Poster Black cat be strong be brave be human be badass Though things may appear to be fine, you should always schedule regular medical checkups for your feline pet. Cats require special shots to prevent illness and the vet can check their overall health. Try using one veterinarian consistently. This ensures that your vet knows your cat’s medical history.In order to be sure your cat is healthy, take them to their vet regularly. They should have regular check ups annually, and more appointments should be made if they need to get important shots. If you notice that your cat appears to be experiencing some sort of illness or injury, do not delay a trip to the vet.Spritz a little bitter apple on electrical cords to protect your cats. Cords should be covered, especially if your cat tends to chew on them. You can do this by bundling them and tucking them in the cardboard rolls that are used for paper towels. If you have rarely used electronics, put them up when you aren’t using them.A cat can do a lot of damage to your furniture with its claws. If you find your cat tearing up things around your home, buy a scratching post or cat tower. They can scratch the post instead. It might not happen overnight, but the problem should eventually stop.Be attentive to your cat and give them your love and company, often. Cats provide warmth and affection, and they also require the same from you. Like humans, a cat has to be around people in order to feel special. This will increase the love that surrounds the family.Cats and dogs provide two different benefits to a home. A cat will seek out small rodents for you and love to be part of the family. Cats are actually excellent hunters and often get the kill. With these benefits, you can have a truly great companion.

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