Octopus meat has almost no fat, is very beneficial for muscles, suitable for sports players and athletes. In particular, octopus meat has many nutrients useful for the development of the body such as iron, copper, zinc … and adds iodine which is good for brain development. Octopus like?
Dr. Diep also warns against eating octopus meat that has been preserved for a long time, because it is certain that the meat has been impregnated with preservatives for long-term storage. Thus, the preservative will cause many side effects such as dizziness, nausea … and the nutritional value of the octopus meat is very low. In fact, as recorded, at many seafood stalls in Binh Dien market, Le Van Si market … there has been a phenomenon of selling rotten octopus.
An owner of a seafood stall at Le Van Si market also admitted that with octopus caught in the far sea, most ship owners have to use chemicals to preserve them. At the market, the meat will be soft and rotten, so it must be put in the “washing bowl” for about 20 minutes to whiten, the meat will be firm.
Thus, to ensure health and hygiene, we should choose octopus that is fresh, delicious and still full of nutrients.
At Phan Thiet Fresh Octopus Supply Chain Seafood Store, the internal organs have been cleaned, stored in cold temperatures to ensure safety, hygiene, and toxicity. You just have to bring the seasoning and processing as you like.

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