When Christmas comes, Sally intends to use mist to stop Jack, but fails by the glowing nose of Zero’s ghost dog. Jack flew into the sky in a coffin-shaped rickshaw pulled by the bones of the reindeer, under the guidance of Zero. He started distributing gifts to children around the world, but his gifts (including crooked heads, a Christmas tree-eating snake, a Jack-shaped pumpkin in a box, a vampire teddy bear, toy ducks with pointed teeth, moving holy wreath, etc.) scared the kids. They called their parents, and the parents called the police. The anti-aircraft alarm system is activated and it is discovered Jack thanks to the headlights. Jack was shot down by anti-aircraft cannons. The rickshaw crashes and Halloween townsfolk think Jack is dead, but he survives and lands at a graveyard. Although he was disappointed with the broken plan, Jack quickly regained his spirit and came up with new ideas for next year’s Halloween season (song “Poor Jack”). He quickly returned home to rescue Santa and settle everything.

Meanwhile, Sally tries to free Santa, but is caught by Oogie. Jack slips down Oogie’s lair and rescues them, and confronts Oogie. Almost immediately, Oogie unleashes a trap to catch Jack, but he manages to escape. Jack then pulls off the threads that tie Oogie’s outer shell, revealing that he is essentially a collection of centipedes and worms. They quickly burned to ash. One remaining one was trampled to death by Santa Claus. When Oogie is dead, Santa Claus scolds Jack for his actions and then quickly leaves to bring real gifts to the kids.

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