Halloween Town is a fantasy world inhabited by deformed youkai, monsters, spirits, vampires, goblins, werewolves and witches. Jack Skellington (“The Pumpkin King”) leads their annual Halloween celebration. However, in a confession, Jack revealed that he was fed up with holding a ceremony repeated year after year (the song “Jack’s Lament”). While depressed, he wanders through the jungle outside the cemetery and stumbles upon nine gates leading to nine different holidays and unknowingly opens the door to “Christmas Town”, there residents are responsible for celebrating the annual Christmas celebration, under the direction of Santa Claus (“What’s This” song). Impressed by the atmosphere and style of Christmas, Jack recounts his discoveries and insights into the holiday to the residents of Halloween Town (the song “Town Meeting Song”). However, they are unable to understand what he tells and compare everything in Jack’s story with Halloween. Jack announced that Halloween town would gain the right to celebrate Christmas.

Jack’s fascination with Christmas makes him think of an intention to usurp the role of Santa Claus (the song “Jack’s Obsession”). Each resident of the town was assigned a mission to organize a festival (the song “Making Christmas”); Meanwhile, Sally, a rag doll girl made by a mad scientist in the town, begins to fall in love with Jack. However, in her heart is always afraid that Jack’s plan will turn into a disaster (song “Sally’s Song”), but can not convince him. Jack assigns Lock, Shock and Barrel, a trio of mischievous children to capture Santa and bring back Halloween Town. Guests with Jack’s will, for fun (the song “Kidnap the Sandy Claws”), three children brought Santa Claus to Oogie Boogie, a father who is addicted to gambling, who intentionally harms Santa Claus (song “Oogie Boogie’s Song”).

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