Mickey Mouse was originally intended to be a silent movie. However, since the second episode was not sold, Walt Disney decided to bet everything to add noise to Mickey Mouse. At that time, no studio figured out how to synchronize sound with animation. Walt Disney created a story about Mickey Mouse called the Willie Steam Train, in which all jokes and even Mickey’s footsteps sound. An elementary animator’s idea of ​​using a metronome to align sound files inspired Walt to develop completely new timing techniques to create synchronized sound. This technique has been tested in a small group of the rest of the workshop “.

Who was surprised when it premiered, the audience loved Willie Steam Train. So did the critics, including the New York Times, with winged words. The audience at that time rushed to the theater to watch the movie, so Willie Steamboat was immediately recognized as a revolutionary cartoon when everyone was surprised by the new dimension that sound brought into the way. telling stories. Nearly all distributors immediately offered to distribute Mickey Mouse and many major studios wanted to buy back. All the fame and praise made Walt Disney excited to continue to release each new Mickey Mouse episode. than the previous episode. As a result, the later episodes of Walt Disney are more and more prolonged and also costly, making a famous worldwide name.

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