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Welcome madafakas doormat

                 In Lilo & Stitch: The Series , Stitch and Lilo have to capture Jumba’s other experiments, turn them from evil to good, and find them a home. Along the way, he meets his match: Experiment 627 who is tougher than him, but whom Stitch eventually defeats with greater intelligence. He also is affected by 15 experiment Welcome madafakas doormat powers: Amnesio wipes out his memory, being poked by Spike’s spine makes him goofy, Babyfier turns him into a baby, Spooky turns into water and nearly drowns him, Lax makes him lazy, Dupe duplicates him into four , Frenchfry serves him unhealthy junk food meals and fattens him up into a giant bowling ball, Yaarp sounds out his loud megaphone , Snooty sucks out his mucus , Swirly hypnotizes him, Drowsy puts him to sleep, Houdini makes him invisible, Swapper switches him into Lilo’s and then Pleakley’s bodies, Bugby turns him into a bug, and Slushy freezes him. However, the powers wear off. He also meets Angel who is introduced as a love interest for Stitch

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