I was assigned to the position of librarian, in the morning I went to the office to open every single mold of the old, glossy brown wooden door that was in the water of time. Tidy up tables and chairs, arrange bookshelves neatly before picking up the first reader, continue to pick up small cards from readers after they have found a good book for themselves. I started to get acquainted with the words of industry, become familiar with the concepts of preservation, cataloging, table of contents, searching … Learning from the brothers and sisters, approaching new technologies in the service, engrossed like that until I feel really confident in work. I can advise readers on the list of books they need, can search to help you read the topics they require, also answer some questions related to general knowledge and specialized knowledge of correspondence. institute. Although many times I have been confused by questions from readers and colleagues from libraries you visit and exchange, but after such times, I feel that I am gradually becoming stronger in job, is making up more and more the major gaps in my professional expertise.
Gradually, from the thought of working under the compulsory assignment, I feel familiar with that space, love every bookshelf, every gentle table, especially to know more new friendly faces. come from everywhere. My life began to turn to a new page, it was one late afternoon, when my colleague and I were about to close the library. Looking around at the rows of empty tables, only three readers are avidly reading. Clock hand pointed to number 5.

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