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They have the above behaviors resulting from people allowing them to act on their own in the house. If a Pekingese follows the rules, limits of what they can and cannot do, along with daily walks to relieve their energy, they will show a clear difference, easy personality. much more hurt. It’s not nice to let these little animals run wild on their own.

Right from the start you have to start showing your power to keep the hierarchy, show you are a steady, strong owner, he can be comfortable and is a truly wonderful dog. The common things that Pekingese species have are healthy, playful and playful, very affectionate with their owners, docile and cute. The downside of this species is that it is not intelligent (depends on the individual) and bites often, but they are not a difficult dog breed, their teeth are not sharp and many, so they can be assured when there are small children in the house.

Jesus with Pekingese poster2
Jesus with Pekingese poster2

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