Researchers recorded the voices of these two men “Look, look, there’s an coming group of elephants” in different languages ​​between the two peoples and turned on the recording for the elephants. family in Amboseli National Park in Kenya. When the elephants heard the Maasai voice, they all showed signs of fear, cowering together and moving away from the source of the voice. However, with the same statement, but because a Kamba person said, the elephants did not react. “The ability to distinguish voices between Māvas and Kamba from speaking the same sentence in their own language is thought to be able to distinguish between different languages, ‘study co-author Graeme Shannon, Research student psychology exchange at the University of Sussex said.
There are also other tests, which are recordings made by women and children of one of the two tribes that do not affect elephants, also showing that they do not only distinguish between groups. ethnic groups who can also distinguish both age and sex, know that men are more likely to endanger their lives, especially Maasai men.

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