Joey is extremely promiscuous, often relying on his catchphrase pickup line “How you doin ‘?”. He regularly sleeps with attractive women, but can never seem to get into a committed relationship – judging from a conversation he had with Chandler at the latter’s bachelor party he seems to regard marriage as depressing and restrictive. He sleeps with many of the interns and extras on shows on which he works. He has apparently been sexually active for a very long time; he undid a 16-year-old girl’s bra when he was nine, slept with his teacher in the seventh grade, and had a “wild spring break” when he was 13. In the episode “The One With Joey’s Interview”, he sleeps with the interviewer (played by Sasha Alexander) so what he said about not watching soap operas doesn’t get published in Soap Opera Digest.

Despite his promiscuous nature towards many women throughout the series, he is highly protective and old-fashioned when it comes to the relationships of his own sisters. While he does not seem to have a problem with his own lifestyle, he repeatedly makes sure his sisters don’t go down the same path. When he finds out in season 3, episode 11 that Chandler drunkenly made out with his sister Mary Angela, he attempts to force the two into a relationship. Later, in season 8, episode 10, Joey initially attempts to force his younger sister Dina into marriage with her hapless boyfriend upon hearing she’s pregnant, but they play into his emotional nature by saying they want to raise the baby independently.

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