Today’s serious horse races use only Purebred horses. This is also the most expensive horse in the world. Body shape and structure (enlarged chest, wide nostrils, long legs …) help Purebred horse outperform any other horse in speed. Of course, it’s not just the racehorse that matters. As a result, there are still many other species that are considered rare in the world of horses. In the race, at maximum speed the Thoroughbred horses were clumped together on a track that could not be said to be spacious. When it came to the turn, it was even more strict. But almost never these bulky horses collided and fell over.

The registration procedure for a purebred horse is also very strict to the point of confusion, with the identity of the parents and the same place of birth, the date of birth is clearly no different than the birth certificate. In principle, through the books stored in competent and reputable organizations. The origin of a Thoroughbred horse can be traced back to its origins: this mare in England and which of the three types of Arab, Barb, Turkoman was imported about 400 years ago. . In general, the State implements management to ensure the thoroughness of the breed and avoid widespread breeding in the world.

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