Thoroughbred horse features such as light head, small and long forward neck, broad chest, 4 long legs, forelegs always have congenital joint curvature, rough tendons, clearly separated tendons, nails sure. Adult Thoroughbred horses are 159.0 cm high, 183.0 cm in chest, 20.0 cm round tube, females have measurements of 156.4 cm, 179.2 cm and 19.2 cm, respectively, the maximum pulling force is 40 kg. Over the past 300 years, they have been constantly evolving to highlight the essential qualities of a professional horse, including tall, strong, great body and great speed. The fastest speed of purebred horses at a distance of 1 to 3 km and a maximum speed of more than 60 km / h.

Purebred horses had no offspring, the name purebred had that meaning. At about 1 year and 2 months, Maiden took them to see a veterinarian to get rid of the venom which meant being castrated. The purebred horse is the most preeminent race horse in the world today. However, their resistance is far less than that of cattle and grass horses, so the cost of taking care of them is very expensive. The average height of a purebred horse is 1m70. Particularly, the length of 2 pairs of war boots is 1m-1.2m. There are two types of hoofs for purebred horses. Usual nails for exercise and daily life will be changed every 3 weeks. Before each race, horses will be replaced by another type of hooves with flexible aluminum. With a body structure, wide chest, wide nostrils, long legs that are superior to other horses, the Thoroughbred Horse has a superior speed compared to any other horse in speed.

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