Girl I am a soccer player5


Like men’s football, modern women’s football has its roots in England. In 1881 England played several times against Scotland, although the nationality of both teams was unclear and whether they played “pure” football or half rugby. Scotland won more games, but many of them were interrupted by the spectators coming into the field. This incident meant it was not until 1889 that there was a recognized international match between Canada and host England.

Girl I am a soccer player5
Girl I am a soccer player5

British Ladies’ Football Club
The first famous women’s football team recorded by social activist Nettie Honeyball founded in England in 1894 is called the British Ladies’ Football Club. Nettie Honeyball said, “I formed the team at the end of last year [1894], with constant determination to prove to the world that women are not ‘just for decoration and useless’ people that people still have. I must admit that all my arguments on issues where gender discrimination is so far-reaching is in favor of the liberation of women, and I hope someday women can have a place in and have a say in solving problems, especially the ones that concern them most. “Honeyball and people like her paved the way for women to enter the sport. However, they were drastically hindered from the side of the English football federation, and had to continue the path unsupported by the others. One ash

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