Much to the dismay of her friends (especially Ross), Phoebe dabbles in New Age ideas and superstitions throughout the series. She is convinced she can feel the presence of her dead grandmother in her old apartment, she senses the spirit of her mother in a lost cat, reads tea leaves, and dismisses Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution as “too easy” in “The One Where Heckles Dies “.

Similar to the short-lived Monica / Chandler / Richard love triangle, Phoebe had two serious romantic interests that overlapped with each other at one point during the series. David (Hank Azaria), known as “The scientist guy”, has a romance with Phoebe in the first season of the series, but breaks her heart when he decides to leave for Minsk on a three-year research trip. He makes a few more appearances throughout the series, most notably trying to get back together with her and kissing her when they get interrupted by Phoebe’s then-boyfriend Mike (Paul Rudd). Mike had been introduced to Phoebe in the ninth season of the show, when Joey forgot he was supposed to find Phoebe a double date and decided to shout for a random guy called “Mike” in the coffee shop instead. After a whirlwind romance, Phoebe and Mike eventually break up and she briefly reunites with David in Barbados. Mike beats David to the punch, however, and proposes to Phoebe before the latter gets a chance. She rejects David as she realized she was in love with Mike. She also rejects Mike, on the basis that she did not need a proposal from him, but an indication that their relationship was progressing. She ends up marrying Mike.

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