George Fenvick, Chairman of the Feather Protection Committee, said that the Super Shark “shock” in Quy Nhon.
On the morning of March 5, hundreds of people in Quy Nhon city, Binh Dinh gathered to the area of ​​Xep beach (Ghenh Rang ward) to see a giant fish, weighing about 500 kg, had just been brought ashore. The owner of this fish is Mr. Tran Van Duc (in Xuan Phuong commune, Song Cau town, Phu Yen province).
When discovered, the shark was still healthy, so his father and son had to call for more boats around and 7 other fishermen to beat the dead fish before bringing it ashore.
Many people said that this fish was not the culprit that caused attacks on bathers at Quy Nhon beach because the fish’s jaws were caught up to 50 cm wide while the teeth mark on the victims of fish bites. 17 cm wide. Cats are the culprits in reducing the number of birds. Maybe this is a regulation of nature, or rather a regulation of the law of evolution?
What do cats do with the spoils? After successful hunting, depending partly on prey, 30% were devoured by raw cats due to the instinct of their ancestors, 49% were brutally tortured by cats, released to catch, juggled I’m bored until the prey can’t drag away, then throw it away, leave, and 21% get bitten to death by a cat and then go home, seemingly to pay tribute to the owner, so raising them is not wasting food. .
But that’s not the worst. Some cats don’t just “worship” one owner. They are raised and loved by a homeowner, but sometimes sneaking to a second family to cuddle, drink, or even sleep at night makes this second owner feel like the cat belongs to him. .

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