In the Book of Relics published in the 9th Orthodox year of the Ming, it was written: “The Day of the Dog in November of the 22nd year of Lu Xiang Gong, the first night of the birth of the Holy, there were two dragons around the house, 5 elders descended into the yard, The 5 old people are the Gods of 5 stars ”. This passage is narrated at the time of Confucius’s birth, there were extraordinary phenomena.
History – Han Cao To the Ky version wrote: “Father Cao To is Thai Cong, his mother Liu Fantasy often rested on Dai Trach slope, a dream different from God. At that time, the lightning darkened, Thai Cong came to see, saw the dragon on top of her, then became pregnant, and gave birth to Cao To ”, clearly stating that Han Cao To is like a dragon, so later he attained his karma. King. From there it can be seen that the dragon and the ancient sage kings had a close relationship.
Quach Phac’s painting of the sea sutra writes: “Le Khau mountain has Ung Long, the dragon has wings. In the past, Xi Vưu went against the Emperor, and ordered Ung Long to fight in the suburbs of Ky Chau. In the period of Nu Oa, riding a thunder car at Ung Long. In Ha Vu, there was Ung Long taking his tail to mark the ground, immediately flowing water from the stream ”. Dragons can be seen with the power of Gods.

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