Yes, you do not get it wrong, the barbers in the Middle Ages would take their toolbox to work, in which not only scissors, razors, but also tools for performing minor surgery, Typical is tooth extraction.
It was a period when the Catholic Church gained a great deal of influence in European society, where monks put absolute faith and spread clean personal hygiene practices – most fundamentally by shaving. head and take out the decayed teeth.
During this period, each monastery had to hire or train at least one barber. These workers will always perform the duties of dentists – a profession that was not present at the time, and of the surgeon – performing small minor surgeries such as injecting blood, treating leeches …
Doctors, themselves, consider surgery a “inferior” profession compared to their status. The reason is that surgery in the Middle Ages is only considered to be a mechanical impact on the body, moreover, surgery also caused a very high death rate due to blood loss and infection.
There will be doctors who practice separate surgeries, and not as respected as doctors who work in academic settings, at universities and only go to castles to cure the rich.

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