Abstract painting art ever existed
Abstract painting appeared in the early 20th century with the work “picture with a circle” in 1011 by Russian painter Wassily Kaandinsky, painting specializes in color, the layout is not clear, it does not follow a rule or standard. at all. According to the Sino-Vietnamese philosophy: Two words “abstract” – “abstract” are translated as taking away, separating the unnecessary parts so that the picture is both simple and still retains the author’s content.
Meaning of abstract paintings
Feeling an abstract painting will not be the same, it depends on the ability and creativity of each person. It requires the enjoyment to mobilize a lot of intuition, the depth of mind when standing in front of it. Most of the abstract paintings are quite groundbreaking, the perfect technique and intense expression, all break all the specifications, limited at that time to integrate the distinct personality of the artist with the integration below. New Age . Or to put it simply that the abstract painting breaks all the laws of art, its meaning cannot be seen with the naked eye to illuminate the image details to understand, but must use with mind, calm and put ourselves in the painting when That you will understand the meaning of beautiful abstract paintings. Just like people enjoy it as non-verbal music without being asked to understand what it is describing or telling about.

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