Not only emitting high frequency, 52 Blue’s journey is also very unusual. In 2004, the researchers of the Woods Hole Ocean Institute published an article about 52 Blue in a magazine called Deep Sea Research, with the content: 52 Blue constantly moving across the deep waters of the region. central and eastern North Pacific basin. It is carrying out the widest cruise of any whale in the world.
For most other whales, they typically migrate to the same area each year: Migration to tropical waters in winter and to colder waters in summer.
However, the 52 Blue is different. Its itinerary varies from year to year and it doesn’t spend a lot of time in one place. Sometimes it turns around along the shore where he just walked. Another season, it swims into deeper waters.
Looking at the tangled lines on the map of 52 Blue, scientists couldn’t help but ask: What is 52 Blue looking for?
There are many mysteries about 52 Blue that scientists can not answer.

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