Human words not only stimulate processing activity on the dog’s brain, but in research, scientists also found that dogs only feel happy and praised if words, intonation that children the speaker is positive. On the contrary, even though it is a compliment, if people use meaningless words or words with neutral intonation, it will not be fun for dogs. “Dog brains are concerned with both the content and the way we talk to them,” said lead researcher, neuroscientist Attila Andics at Eotvos Lorand University, Hungary. positive when people use appropriate words and intonation “. Andics claims this finding shows that language processing neural abilities evolved earlier than previous hypotheses and this is also what helps humans surpass other species in inventing language.
Dogs can be more attentive to what people say and what they do.
Professor Andics said that there may be many other species with the neurological ability to understand language like dogs, but they do not care about human speech so it is difficult to conduct validation tests. In contrast, dogs have been with humans for thousands of years, so they can pay more attention to what people say and what they do.

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