The circuit of the film begins to go faster and faster as the wife gradually senses the danger approaching. Along with that, the secret to the crime of the intruder is gradually revealed. The psychological war between the predator and the prey is gradually pushed up to a climax.
Psychology of former boss Charlie Peck is becoming more and more unpredictable. He couldn’t help but look at the happy young couple in his old mansion, but why did he sell it? How could he move freely around the house without being detected? A series of questions appeared, stimulating the audience’s curiosity. The Intruder was released on May 17.
The sound and music in The Intruder have rounded up the role, pushing up the suspenseful and dramatic atmosphere, contributing to the depiction of the character’s complex psychological transformation. The fight for the life from the young couple’s mysterious intruder ends with the end that makes the audience reflect on good and evil. The ending awakens people to be wary of deadly conspiracies that are concealed by fake kindness.
Overall, The Intruder is a commendable effort by American director Deon Taylor and a young cast like Michael Ealy and Meagan Good. Exploiting a challenging subject, but the film has succeeded in leaving an unforgettable impression on viewers. The Intruder will premiere nationwide from May 17.

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