Comedians as well as many theater actors, movie actors, TV actors … The work of a comedian is also associated with the camera lens, stage, co-star, script … Only other that comedians can also be the ones who directly cast the script for themselves and will also have moments of spontaneous adjustment of the script to suit public tastes. Because comedians have the main responsibility of bringing entertainment laughter to the public. But behind those entertaining laughter must convey humanistic and meaningful messages. The work of a comedian is also attached to the camera lens, the stage
The work of a comedian is also tied to the camera lens, the stage – Internet source
Want to be a comedian difficult or easy
Wanting to be a comedian is difficult or easy is the question that young people who want to pursue a career want answers the most, especially in the modern market economy, when there are too many media. entertainment to the public.
Laughter has long been a cure-all for everyone after hard working days. Since its inception, comedy has affirmed its position in the movie and television industry with famous comedians, their names are so ingrained in the audience’s subconscious that they just need to mention to the name of the actors, the audience also laughed like Minh Vuong, Xuan Hinh, Hoai Linh, Thanh Thanh Hien, Xuan Bac, Tu Long, Chien Thang, Justice, Hong Van … Their popularity thanks to their acting talent. and professional ethics. On the other hand, it depends on era factors.

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