Several countries, including the United States, are alarming the spread of cannabis among young people. From 1995-2001, the number of people experiencing serious complications from using marijuana requiring long-term treatment in health facilities throughout the United States increased from 15,706 to 87,180, two-thirds of whom were under 20 years of age. Young people think that cannabis is “high”, but it belongs to a mild form of drug, it is okay to quit at any time. It is true that marijuana addiction is not as hard as heroin, when there is a lack of drugs, but it also creates a feeling of pale mouth, itching, temper …, for a long time it becomes difficult to quit, not to mention many people gradually find cannabis too light, no With enough nerve stimulation, I have to find other drugs, heavier “dollars” to feel satisfied. As noted above, the dangers of cannabis are due to THC. The THC of Thai cannabis is 7%; Mexico: 8%; only 24% of cannabis grown in the US Each increase in THC level increases the level of dependence on cannabis with the user, not to mention THC causes complications in the respiratory system 4 times higher than cigarettes, making cancer symptoms also progress faster. . Two extensive studies were conducted in New Zealand and Sweden on the mental health effects of marijuana smoking. The survey in New Zealand conducted over 1,000 people, aged 11-26, and in Sweden over 50,000 people used marijuana, making a recommendation: smoking habits mutate the progression of the disease. psychosis in susceptible people, especially schizophrenia (of course, not everyone who smokes marijuana will suffer from schizophrenia), not to mention that marijuana causes the smoker to swoon, more susceptible to provoking many street fights due to marijuana use, blood and gore injuries, but the victim (or the perpetrator) is still dreaming and not feeling pain. According to a US document, 16% of serious road traffic accidents are caused by drivers using marijuana while driving a vehicle, if combined drinking alcohol, it will increase 4.7 times. made an accident.

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