The gang realizes that Kelly’s car was not stolen. King recovers from his beating and creates a bomb out of materials from a hardware store, then finds an encrypted SD card in Bianca’s belongings, hidden in a pack of cigarettes. Realizing this is what her killers wanted, he is only able to listen to snippets of audio but understands that Preston is the target. He sneaks into Preston’s home and forces him to decrypt the file, which reveals camera footage of Preston committing acts of pedophilia on Armand during a party.

Preston reveals that Bianca’s husband had fallen into serious debts, and the debtors forced Bianca to take drugs and pimped her out to pay them back. They killed her husband but continued to pimp her out, so she sold her stepson to Preston for money. When she realized that he was raping Armand, she stole the footage and called King for help.

Preston asked Wentworth to fix the issue, and Wentworth hired the gang members to kill Bianca. King lures Duke, his gang members, and Wentworth to Preston’s mansion, kills Preston, and then plants a bomb in a packet of money. Duke and Wentworth open the packet, and both are killed. King takes Armand back to Kelly’s motel, intent on rescuing the boy, but the sole surviving member of the gang — the one King maimed a few days earlier — ambushes him in the room. The boy escapes before King is able to win. King gives chase to Armand but ultimately gives up.

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