In the 14th century, medieval Europe in Europe, cats were condemned to be messengers of demons, embodied witches and burned alive on a trellis, or thrown from a high tower to the rock to death. 3] In the seventeenth century, the black cat was a couple with witch, instead of being worshiped, it turned into a terrifying animal. They are used in sacrifice rituals as sacrifices. In Ireland, when a black cat passes in front of you, it means sickness will come. In Rome, Moldavia and the Czech Republic, the notion of a black cat passing in front of them will bring bad luck still exists today.

In the Muslim world, cats are more popular, including black cats. The jet-black cat has magical attributes. People eat black cat meat to cultivate to become a magician. If you wear the spleen of a black cat on a menstruating woman, she will stop her period. Using the blood of a black cat instead of ink, you can write soulful writings. [4] In Vietnam, in legend, a black cat is considered a lynx. If the dead person does not take care of the burial, if they do not watch carefully, let the lynx jump over, the corpse will immediately rise up. The most ghost cat is the type born at the hour of the Rabbit (5 – 7 am), the month of the Rabbit, the year of the Rabbit, is suspected to have the most connection with the underworld. It is thought that a cat screaming at midnight is a harbinger of disaster, calling 7 hours, someone will die, while 9 hours crying is like the unjust soul of the dead coming back into the cat as if trying to claim human life. alive. Cats that scream at night are thought to be demons, specializing in signaling death.

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