The legendary lynx (in the legend of the lynx and according to the folk tales of Dong Thap Muoi) is a kind of ghost cat, born of a rare and random jungle marriage between a black female cat. With a cobra that eats only the toad meat, the lynx is born not in a village, in a house with an owner, but in a deserted temple, an empty pond bank, or under a swamp. This is a special black cat with a full body black color, usually with a dark yellow fur on the forehead only small in ancient coins, which is thought to be the third eye that helps this cat to see and connect. lost with the invisible devil, in order to join forces to make the dead sit up to be a ghost, this cat’s eyes gleam and red in the dark like coals in the wind, burning with anger.

The feature of the lynx is that it likes to eat raw chicken eggs, likes to stalk and bite the chicken neck until death and then chew the bones, the lynx’s food also follows the taste of the cobra with a black border on the neck, which means it is very fond of. eat raw toad meat. It grew much faster than its kind, the longer its claws became, the more sharp it was like a knife, especially its eyes often radiated fierce, magical glares. In adulthood, the lynx returns to where its mother used to live, likes to sit on the treetops, or climb up the rooftops looking down. If at midnight, the creatures that meet the bloodshot eyes of the gazes will instantly become paralyzed and inactive, like rats, birds, will have to stand still as dead waiting for the lynx. come close to grab the meat, or use its claws to scrape, play around in the moonlight for a long time, then throw the body away like a bored toy. It is rumored that if the lynx suddenly jumped over a corpse resting in the house, the dead person would slowly rise up into a demon.

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