Dance is not simply an art, but it also helps you have a supple and flexible body. Dancing with music also helps to release all stress and relax with the arts. Classical ballet courses at the Viet Thanh Music Center will help you explore this delicate art.
The classical ballet art is taught at many dance schools around the world. With culm, mirror, wooden floor with a beautiful piano sound and dance steps will help you to free your body, get the most basic skills of classical ballet, create the technical foundation for you to grasp. other types of dance. In addition, the dance of ballet also helps you have a supple and healthy body. Learning to dance or learn any other art, regardless of age, gender, as long as you have passion and determination. Viet Thanh always welcomes all of you to the classical ballet class, whether you are small, or the elderly, whether male or female. As long as you have a passion for ballet, come and let Viet Thanh help you satisfy with that passion.

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