As their mission continued, Zero uncovered a hologram from Greef Karga regarding the Child’s initial capture. Possibly realizing the value of the Child, Zero became intrigued by the Child. Around this time, the mercenaries had rescued Qin, betraying Djarin in the process, although Djarin retaliated by attacking each of the mercenaries one by one and disabling Zero’s ability to contact the crew. While attempting to make sense of the situation, the Child left his compartment and was encountered by Zero who, attempted to apprehend him. Eventually being chased back into his compartment, the Child attempted to use the Force in self-defense by raising his hand to Zero, who was aiming his blaster at the Child. Before anything could happen, Djarin arrived aboard the Razor Crest and shot Zero in the back, destroying the droid.
With his mission accomplished, Djarin returned to Ranzar’s station and delivered Qin, receiving his full payment. As Djarin and Child left the station aboard the Razor Crest, Ranzar prepared to deploy a gunship to destroy the ship, but as it prepared to launch, three X-wing starfighters exited hyperspace following a New Republic tracking beacon that had been activated during the mission , and which Djarin had planted on Qin. As the X-wings assaulted the station, the Razor Crest jumped to hyperspace, and in the midst of travel Djarin comforted the Child by giving him a knob from one of his control sticks

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