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Unlike many other brain disorders such as Parkinson’s disease, autism doesn’t have a clear unifying mechanism; many people do not know whether autism is some disorder caused by mutations, converging on several common molecular pathways, or (intellectual disability) a large set of disorders with many other mechanisms. Autism appeared as a result of developmental effects affecting all brain function systems, and at the same time more confusing brain development time than the end product. The structure of the nervous system and the teratogenic co-ordination have enthusiastically suggested that the mechanism of Autism, including changes in brain development immediately after conception. This unusual case appears to initiate a series of pathological cases in the brain, which are significantly influenced by environmental factors … It is not known whether overgrowth occurs at all. children with autism or not. It seems that the most prominent areas in the brain regions are the basis for more specialized cognitive development.

Autism you will never walk alone poster8
Autism you will never walk alone poster8

Two main categories of cognitive theory have been proposed for the association between the autistic brain and behavior. The Open Human Brain Theory hypothesizes that autism is the ultimate case in the human brain, defined by mental tests as codified rather than understanding individuals. The mind hypothesis is supported by typical responses of autistic children to the Sally – Anne test to conclude other people’s motivations, and the neural mirror system theory is well represented in fertility maps. pathology of the hypothesis. However, most studies have found no evidence of impairment in autistic individuals to understand the underlying intentions of others; instead, the system indicates a detected decrease in socially emotional understanding or consideration of someone else’s point of view.

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