The people of Spain are used to it so they have more of an immunity to it, where as the Taino’s had never experienced diseases like measles, smallpox, and influenza so their. As we sort through the many layers of Christopher Columbus, we must first place ourselves into his life. What was it like to be Columbus; to have the entirety of Spain pressing into your back; to know that if you failed your mission you would never be the man you once were? I believe these are some of the inner turmoils Columbus faced during his days. From our standpoint in today’s world, Columbus appears racist, misogynistic, and an overall odious person to be around. As Arthur Schlesinger Jr. said, “Columbus, it is now charged,” You’re my favorite cardio workout Schlesinger continued, “far from being the pioneer of progress and enlightenment, was in fact the pioneer of oppression, racism, slavery, rape, theft, vandalism, extermination, and ecological desolation.” Schlesinger also noted that the “great hero of the nineteenth century seems well on the way to becoming the great villain of the twenty-first.” No one can truly argue against what Columbus did to the Native Americans and African Americans who suffered at his cruel, swift hand.

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When the Native Americans rose back up to fight for their freedom, Columbus shot them back down again. But, Columbus does not hold all of this blame for himself. You’re my favorite cardio workout  Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand of Spain also take part in the blame. The crown sponsored three more of Columbus’ voyages, all of them ending in the bloodshed of Native peoples. However, Columbus did contribute to the world in a more positive light as well.  Christopher Columbus was an Italian explorer who received credit for the discovery of the Americas in 1492. His goal was to discover another route to India instead, he sailed across the Atlantic Ocean and arrived in Hispaniola which is present day Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Although, historians argue he did not technically discover the Americas, he opened trade routes between the Old World and the New World. He influenced later explorers and impacted the development of the Columbian Exchange. The historians present their attitudes towards the consequences and outcomes of Christopher Columbus and his discovery. They also state their argument on his controversial legacy about whether Christopher Columbus should be perceived as a hero or a villain. The full measure of Columbus’s failure as a colonizer was not yet apparent when he returned to Castile in 1496.

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Yet by the end of six or seven years of his governorship, with his own, the monarchs’, and the settlers’ objectives all still unachieved, and Hispaniola suffering an apparently interminable series of rebellions not only by the Indians but by the colonists too, You’re my favorite cardio workout  Columbus was to be superseded and disgraced, and shipped home to Spain in chains.1 Overall, Fernandez-Armesto depicted Columbus as an annoyingly eccentric person incapable of succeeding. Although, he discovered the Americas, he failed to be a leader to his crew and the natives. Instead, he was on the lookout for ways of manipulating the motives for profit. School taught us about the infamous Christopher Columbus who was known as the hero who found the Americas in 1492, but is that the truth? Is Columbus really the hero that grade school portrayed him to be? Columbus was not. Columbus was a greedy man who destroyed an entire race of people with genocide just so only he could benefit and become a man of money and power.

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