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In conclusion to this essay, parent’s knowledge of healthy life styles and early introduction to this for children must be given more emphasis to help anticipate the increasing numbers of overweight young people.  The increment of cow milk consumption in toddlers, in a change from breastfeeding milk, is also in charge guilty. Research conducted on this has proven that obesity is common among babies who were given cows milk instead of being breastfed. Fast food, on the other hand, contains high fats and unsaturated fatty acids, which are hazardous for well being not only in children. Also, parents lack of attention to their children’s eating habits, must also taken seriously. They must acknowledge the importance of introducing nutritious meals to children. Children under five years of age, Wolf to my grandson my little boy yesterday my friend today and my grandson forever  for instance, are best given high protein food, which accounts for brain development and boosting their cognitive ability. And as for obesity, one must be alerted to its impacts on children’s health status for it has been recognized as one of the major factors resulting in cardiovascular disease, diabetes and stroke.

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Wolf to my grandson my little boy yesterday my friend today and my grandson forever blanket

And in addition, governments along with society must also hold full responsibility for children’s well being in general. It might be necessary in the future to create a policy controlling the opening of fast food outlets. According to statistics, a high percentage of young children are being afflicted with obesity. This dreaded disease which is thought to prevail among adults becomes a problem for adults as well. It can be said that there are various factors that we can look into why such illness occurs. Primary among its causes is diet. Wolf to my grandson my little boy yesterday my friend today and my grandson forever It is only in this generation that kids are exposed to different fast foods. What this chains offer are all fast junk foods -low in nutritional content but saturated with fats and salt. Absurd as it may seem, children find it more appealing and delectable than eating plain green vegetables. One way to solve this is for parents to implement a stricter rule on how frequent their child can eat fast foods. They should also exert extra effort on how to introduce vegetables in the diet in a creative way.

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Hence, at an early age they will already know how to maintain a well balanced diet without depriving themselves of some pleasures. Another culprit that we can point out is the lack of physical activity. In the early days, you can find a lot of children playing and running along the streets but today all you can see are children attached to their tablets and eyes focused on computer screens. Instead of burning fats that ore that they accumulate it through this manner. Wolf to my grandson my little boy yesterday my friend today and my grandson forever The way for this is for parents to set a time limit on the use of gadgets and encourage their children to engage different sports. Creating a more stimulating environment wherein children can move and play around will in some ways curb their chances in being obese. Ont the final note, this increasing number of obesity among kids will not stop unless proper action must be actively taken most especially by the parents. Even at a young age it must be instilled in the young minds of these children the implications that obesity has on their health.

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