There are many aspects of prison life that determine what exactly your quality of life in prison will be like. First, what exactly your crime was plays a big part in what will come next for you. For example, a misdemeanor such as petty theft that requires jail time will not require the same security as a violent criminal with assault charges. There are three security levels in the U.S. Prison system. Warning this property is protected by highly trained yorkshire The first level, minimum security, is basically like a guarded community in a sense. It is similar to college dorms in housing and many prisoners are free to roam around the yard. These types of prisons are often times program oriented for example, many of the prisoners participate in community service and or work-camps. These types of prison are full of opportunity for the prisoners with many ways to In the world, if anyone does murder then he gets punishment1 in the form of life imprisonment or capital punishment.  First of all you have to obviously get arrested, when being arrested the jails don’t do an extreme search on you like they do in prisons the reason is, because there are people in there who are there for being arrested for petty crimes nothing to serious although every crime is a crime and is bad but there are some crimes much worse then a D.U.I. Now for the men an women who have committed a more serious crime like man slaughter you are still to be placed in jail but that is just one stop. The second and final stop is prison.

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A person gets capital punishment when he kills another human. Some people argue that capital punishment is cruel and it should not be used. Life imprisonment is given for the serious crime of murder, rape and other more, in this type of crime criminal have to spend rest of his life in jail. But some people argue that life imprisonment is better than capital punishment. In the world, the debate is going on at many places that imprisonment is better or capital punishment as punishment is better. Does capital punishment save an innocent life? Does capital punishment is reducing crime rates more than imprisonment? By considering the question, it is clear that imprisonment is better than capital punishment because it saves innocent. Warning this property is protected by highly trained yorkshire If any innocent get life imprisonment then he is alive and later on it can prove that he is innocent. But if he gets the death penalty and later on it is proved that he is innocent then it is useless because he is dead. And Katz, Levitt and Shustorovich (2003) suggest that if the quality of life in the prison is low then criminals will be demotivated to do the crime. So by considering this, one can say that imprisonment is better than capital punishment. Firstly capital punishment cannot save innocent. In the article “Firmament or Folly?

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 Protecting the innocent, Promoting Capital Punishment, and the Paradoxes of Capital punishment is one of the most controversial ethical issues that our country faces these days. Capital punishment is the legal penalty of death for a person that has performed heinous acts in the eyes of the judicial system. Discussion on whether capital punishment is humane or considered cruel and unusual punishment has been the main issue this of debate for years. Recent discussion goes far beyond the act itself but now brings into question whether medical personal should aid in this practice. Warning this property is protected by highly trained yorkshire  It is important to state that this paper will not address the issue on whether capital punishment itself constitutes cruel and unusual punishment. Instead I will discuss allowing nurses to participate in lethal injection Having a nurse perform this duty does not give approval of the act itself, but does abide by both the ANA and the Constitution’s stance that the person is treated humanely and with dignity. Another argument made against capital punishment it goes against the nurses’ code of ethic (similar to the Hippocratic oath for medical doctors).

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