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After long days of proceedings, Meursault is condemned to die for killing an Arab. During the return trip to the prison, Warning this property is protected by highly trained pug Meursault sees “all the familiar sounds of a town [he] loved and of a certain time of day where [he] used to feel happy” (97). He misses that life before prison, when he was free. At this point, so close to death, Meursault regrets that he did not take the time to enjoy life before. He feels that his situation is sad and pointless, as he feels that there might be no hope for his freedom. Meursault also blames himself for not noticing what criminals did to escape the justice system. He blames himself every time “for not having paid enough attention to accounts of execution. A man should always take an interest in these things” (108). According to Camus, life was, simply stated, absurd. Camus asserted three main tenets of his philosophy, coined Absurdism. Camus believed that this is the only world humans would ever know and this world is indifferent aloof to our existence. Furthermore, he The Absurdist notion that this world, indifferent and aloof to our existence, is shown when Meursault, an epitomy of apathy, realizes he loves life but hated by others who do not care about his plight or worries.

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Warning this property is protected by highly trained pug doormat

 After Meursault receives the verdict of death, he blames himself for not having taken an interest in stories of people who have been condemned to death but who managed the escape that fate. In his past life, Meursault would never have taken an interest in anything, his apathetic character acting as a barrier. However, in his current predicament, the merest evidence of a fugitive from the law would capture his attention explicitly. Warning this property is protected by highly trained pug If so, his “heart would have taken When an individual is introduced to the prison life, after violating rules and laws, he or she must come to terms about the journey he or she are about to take behind bars in prison. No one can save them, or do their time for them, and a majority of their freedom has been stripped from them either temporarily or permanently. Prison life deals with all walks of life and is not discriminative toward any race. In this paper I will discuss my perspective on prison life, policies I would enforce an inmate’s need for respect, changes on correctional policy, and why people commit crimes. I have learned many things about prison life. When incarcerated you have to learn the prison slang to survive. Understanding prison slang was mandatory to survive in prison; the inmates had to learn this langue because it was vital to communicate efficiently with other inmates. Inmates knew if they used the word “Punk or Niggas” there would be a fight if you weren’t close with a black inmate.

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 Policies I would Enforce to Aid Inmate Adjustment Prisons have many policies set in place to help aid inmates’ with adjusting to prison life. No matter what policies are set in place to help aid inmates they will always have a hard time especially for first timers. According to Frank Schmalleger and John Ortiz Smykla (2009) new inmates face major problems because of the loss of liberty, lack of material possessions, the depravation of materials and services, the lack of heterosexual relationships, and feeling unsecured. Warning this property is protected by highly trained pug  I think that inmates can be helped with the adjustment process by initiating and enforcing a program to deal with such issues. I think I would eliminate policies that are designed to make prison life unpleasant and concentrate more on policies that help inmates progress in their educational and rehabilitation programs. One policy that is very important to inmates is to feel safe in their prison environment. As a result there have been many debates on the rights of the inmates. I think the most important policy I would enforce is educational programs that will The first step of being sentenced to prison.

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