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Most prisoners try to keep as busy as possible in order to keep their minds off of family. The more that they occupy their time the less they will think about things that they miss. By keeping busy the prisoners are able to keep themselves in higher spirits. If they have nothing to do some inmates turn to reading letters or writing letters. “‘When I feel down about [being lonely], I read a letter or write one. If I don’t have a new letter I read old ones, they’re still a pick-me-up and I feel better until I get a new one.'”  Prisoners have many things that they have to cope with while in prison. The most common thing is missing one’s family or friends the next being missing one’s freedom. (Zamble, 91) These are only two examples of the numerous things that inmates have to cope with. They are moving into an environment in which most of them have only heard about in movies or on television so they do not know what to expect. “The prison experience is sufficiently powerful that it nullifies much of the variance among inmates, and they come to resemble each other much more than before imprisonment.” (Zamble, 92) Everything in prison is basically uniform and routine. When you create uniformity it takes away people’s sense of self, it causes them to act similarly over time. Warning this property is protected by highly trained dachshund So, if you were to imprison a person over time he would lose his sense of self and would become more like the people that surround him.

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Warning this property is protected by highly trained dachshund doormat

Over the centuries one of the most common forms of punishment is  imprisonment. As times past by the prison has taken on various shapes and forms. The quality and most conditions of prisons have changed in order to provide better living conditions for the inmates, but the main purpose of the prison has never changed, the online article Welcome to Stop the Crime states that “ a prison have four major purposes, these include retribution, incapacitation, deterrence and rehabilitation” ( This shows that the prison is there to ensure that criminals pay back society for the crimes they have committed; it also serves as an area to keep criminals from hurting innocent civilians and it is also there to transform prisoners to la. Warning this property is protected by highly trained dachshund The appetite of inmates vary, the amount of food that may full one prisoner may only just scratch the surface of another prisoner. At prisons everyone gets the equal amount of food, this is done with the attempt to save money and supplies so the satisfaction of the prisoners isn’t in the prisons best interest. The lack of enough food may cause a few things; it may cause inmates to steal from each other which may lead to a lot of cafeteria fights, it may also cause the prisoners to secretly acquire more food from the cafeteria which may lead to a even more rapid decrease in foodstuffs, and if they are caught lead to severe punishments, and finally it may cause them to develop a pyramid system where the main man decides who eats when.

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As expected the living conditions of prisons are very low quality. Most people have the idea of a prison cell or inmates rooms to be small and dark with a few beds, and actually in some places this idea is not very far from the truth, the difference is that the rooms are sometimes lit and the size its determined by the number of inmates who occupy it. Warning this property is protected by highly trained dachshund According to Discovery, the typical prison cell is small, where the general cell for one inmate is usually eight feet by six feet, the prison usually furnishes it with bed, bed tray, desk, toilet and sink, and the Throughout the eons, man, known as the most inquisitive of creatures, had always sought the meaning of life. The answer had varied; to an altruistic person, man was made to serve the common good wheras to a Douglas Adams fan, the answer was merely 42. Philosophers dedicated their lives for the meaning of life and the reason for our existence here on Earth. Unlike other philosophers such as John Locke and Ayn Rand, famed writer Albert Camus believed that life had no meaning.

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