That matter has never been spoken about again by the writer I was dealing with, and of course, I have never received any refund! Edubirdie services are charged on a prepaid basis, so customers pay upfront. With prices starting at $18 per page, there is room for negotiating with a writer via chat and can actually be reduced to $16. However, this is only designed to create the illusion that customers can, in fact, talk to their writers whenever the need arises. To quote hamlet act 3 scene 3 line 87 no In reality, once that price is paid, no refund will be forthcoming regardless of the quality of paper you get. The only guarantee you seem to get from this company is silent, and it assures you that money that goes to Edubirdie is gone forever. Honestly, if I cannot get a refund of my money, why can I not at least get value for it? With this company, you miss out on both. The company does not know what students go through, both academically and financially!

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makes justice to the notion that you have to be in it to know it. I have been there and know exactly what they are capable of delivering not only at what cost but also with what consequences. There is no better definition and living example of academic fraud than Edubirdie. To quote hamlet act 3 scene 3 line 87 no You need not try placing your order only to confirm that you will be swindled out of your money and still receive the very poor quality of work. On the FAQ page of this website, they claim that they are in the market to serve students up to the Ph.D. level handle wild schedules. Orders taken by  will not rise to the research, analysis and writing standards you expect to earn your passing grades. You will ask the correct questions but receive wrong answers that do not make strong arguments or give relevant examples. Therefore, students who need essays that look professional and do not raise questions from their instructors about their progress in academics will not choose Edubirdie. All aspects and scores of their reviews show this.

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The moment you place your order to check their quality, you will find out why they are the reason your schedule is wild! Edubirdie has lived up to all the accusations leveled against them of being academic frauds. Not only does your money go to waste but your academics will suffer greatly because they add no value. If you cannot get a better online essay writing service, you will be better off struggling with your assignments and term work on your own. Do not risk placing any order with!  simply does not deliver on any of its promises. Ask yourself, why should we even call them promises yet we pay for them? To quote hamlet act 3 scene 3 line 87 no Quality is a responsibility and obligation that must be delivered by someone you pay for it. On the contrary, many customers have been penalized by their universities simply because of the poor quality of work Edubirdie does for them. There is no professional team at this company that understands you need a 100% original paper that must also be delivered on time. A writer who claims to be a Ph.D. holder will surely understand what quality and punctuality mean to you and your grades. So, if Edubirdie cannot deliver, choose another writing service instead of getting a penalty from your university.

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