With that said, I would love to progress to more pressing issues that I feel you need to know. Lightly put, college is far from the conception you have formed about it. I am not talking about you finally getting to get away from the watchful eye of your guardian, but the dramatic change that college will afford you to shape and steer you into adulthood. As part of that development, I am inclined to share with you the things that have mattered to me and my society – social institutions. McDonald’s will not even hire you without a high school diploma. Students go to school to earn a grade, not to learn. I was one of those students. I paid enough attention just so I could pass a test, then never bothered to revisit what I learned. My elementary school education sticks out in my mind the most. I attended Lincoln Elementary Magnet School in Albany, Georgia. I had the toughest teachers in elementary school. My fourth-grade math teacher, The Office tv show Mrs. Jones made us do I want to start with the fact that you are reading this letter after a century, and a lot must have changed. I am trying to recognize that indeed, a hundred years carry a great deal of change, but I am hopeful that I still resonate with some relevance.

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Hopefully, they still are of great concern to you during your time in college. I would love to start with education. I bet this still holds its actual value in your time. In our time, education stands as the most significant treasure one can ever have and pass down to their preceding generations. Education has had both positive and negative impacts on the immediate society. The Office tv show While this assertion might sound like a mere proposition, great scholars have dedicated their time and resources to determine the truth of such statement. Like I said earlier, a century is a long time, and with it might come significant demographic changes across the globe. But allow me to use the statistics of the current day, in which I will look at the justification of the Grounded in the Marianist tradition, the mission of the Department of Teacher Education is to educate scholar practitioners who build community, engage in critical reflection, and embrace diversity for the promotion of social justice. Our department’s theme “Teacher as Reflective Decision Maker in a Pluralistic Society” embodies the tenets of our mission statement and enables us to continue our development of distinctive graduates in all program areas.

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At the conclusion of EDT 110, teacher education candidates are responsible for performing their first formal self-evaluation based on the Ohio Standards of the Teaching Profession and identified dispositions that have been recognized to be indicators of candidate success. The Office tv show Teacher candidates must attain the necessary content area knowledge above and beyond that which they are expected to impart to their students; they must also have the knowledge and skills to apply effective methods of teaching students who are at different developmental stages, have different learning styles, and come from diverse backgrounds. In addition, they must have the attitudes, values, and dispositions to use the knowledge and skills most efficiently and effectively so that both the students and the candidate learn throughout the process.

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