That just did not seem right. The power of language, as its mother country, Great Britain, were suspended indefinitely. It then went on to describe the concepts and ideologies behind a just and fair government. The Constitution, however, outlined how the newly democratic government would operate. In 1776, after the Second Continental Congress met in Philadelphia, a verdict was made that the only constructive way to ensure independence as a nation would be to declare independence from King George III, Parliament, and Great Britain. The colonists sought “Anyone can deal with victory. Only the mighty can bear defeat.”(Hitler, goodreads) Hitler was a great military leader, but just not in a good way. T-rex Hitler had many great achievements like his sudden rise to power. In this paper I will inform you about Hitler’s personal life, political career, and talk about what he did in World War I and World War II. Hitler was born on April 20, 1889 in Bavaria Germany. He was the fourth child of six siblings. When Hitler was three-years-old, his family moved to Pasua, Germany. In Pasua Alois Hitler’s farm went wrong and they lost a lot of crops, there family soon became poor and they moved to Lambach, Germany. Whey the Hitler family moved to Lambach, Adolf took singing lessons and sung in the church…show more content…

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When Hitler found out that Germany lost he became blind again and spent another 5 months in the hospital. After World War I ended Hitler was uneducated and couldn’t get a job so he stayed in the army as an intelligence agent, sneaking in on political parties and listening to what they said. Hitler was listening in on a German’s worker party and became fond of them; he really liked the ideas they had about society. Hitler then became a member of the German’s worker party and soon played a huge role in the party. T-rex  Adolf ended up designing the party’s banner, the swastika. Hitler was eventually discharged from the army and worked full time with the party. Adolf soon became famous after his speech in front of over 6,000 people and for his intense speeches. Hitler had a gift for public speaking and he, in a way, hypnotized the Germans into what they believed in. Hitler resigned from the party but he used that as leverage to rejoin and become the head chairman of the German’s worker party. As the whole world fell into economic depression, Hitler saw this as a chance to rise to power. Hitler had great ideas on how to fix the economy and with his great speaking skill everybody believed that he could fix the economy and he soon rose to power. Once Hitler became the leader of Germany he immediately saw Great Britain as the main enemy. Hitler saw that Poland had to be destroyed before “Adolf Hitler was born on April 20, 1889, which was on Easter Sunday. Adolf was one of four children but none of the other children lived past two years of age.

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After Adolf was born, his mom, Klara, had two more kids who did live to be older than two. Adolf’s mom, Klara, had been traumatized by the death of her first three children, causing her to go crazy”. Klara always worried about Adolf dying. Adolf also had two half brothers and sisters from his dad Alois Hitler. T-rex  Alois Hitler was never a big part of Adolf’s life and he struggled with that. Adolf had a dream of being an artist, but that did not match the government job his dad wanted him to have. People say that Hitler was a mean man because of his dad and his early life. His dad would get drunk and go crazy on his family, this is not a way to grow up, and it certainly impacted Hitler and history. “When his father died Hitler roamed the streets dreaming of his future as an artist. When Hitler was 18, he tried to enter the Academy of Fine Arts, but was rejected twice this caused him a lot of frustration.” When Hitler was 25 he was part of the military and served in World War I, this allowed him to release some of the anger and frustration.

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