The manager should ensure employee retention is maximized and employees’ turnover should be minimal. Rewards should be given to highly performing employees and discipline. I want to become a marketing manager. A marketing manager is someone in a company who directs and is in charge of promoting and advertising the company ‘s products.  A manager needs to ensure that the firm or business identifies customer needs. They have to understand what impresses the customers, what works for them and what quality according to their customers is. Sugar skull zero fucks given Failing to know what the customers want leads to delivering the wrong products to the customers and this makes them leave for where their preferences are addressed. Administration of questionnaire and interviews is very important to identify the customer’s expectations and enquire whether the current strategy is working as intended. The manager requires ensuring employees are satisfied and well motivated. This is achieved through providing good working conditions which ensures that the employees do not perform when frustrated and under unnecessary pressure.

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Marketing managers would have to create campaigns and be organized. Additionally, they plan out how the product will be communicated with the customers. They are in charge of making sure the campaigns stay on budget and are profitable. In order to become a marketing manager I need to get a bachelor’s degree and go to a four year college or university. Sugar skull zero fucks given I would be a good marketing manager because I love to travel, like to communicate with others, and I’m organized and neat; these skills will benefit me to succeed in this career because you need to find a creative way to attract…show more content… I interviewed Mr. Lethco because he worked in a small marketing company in San Francisco. He worked as SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in the company ZEEBLU. His job was to help companies get their content in the top three spaces when searching on Google. Also, he made sure the company had a good website, which required lots of writing and re-branding. Re-branding means the company and the website would need to be re-done and this includes a new logo, name, design, arrangement … etc. He said, “Writing was the most useful skill for my job in marketing.”

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Mr. Lethco has a degree in economics and another degree in professional writing from UC Santa Barbara. He then studied branding and other business related classes at UC Berkeley. While working in the marketing company he overcame challenges such as working for months figuring out a way to creatively new brands of the street sweeping company. Sugar skull zero fucks given He had to make the sweeping company show up as number one when searched on Google. There were easier clients as well, which were simpler to rebrand and create better websites. Most of the client’s products or services target small groups of people, which required a unique plan. Marketing requires solving problems, creativity, and being able to interact with people. Mr. Lethco states, “When a company hires a marketing firm, they are trusting you with everything. They need to know that you will do all.

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