Through his essay, Politics and the English Language, he attempts to express his worry that the transformation of the way in which English is used will have a direct impact on the minds of the general public. Despite the passage of time since this piece was written, his argument certainly has a number of strong points which one can clearly see in the modern era, yet it is not without its flaws. Personalized Jack and Sally you and me we got this When considering modern events, it appears more likely that it is not precisely the use of the English language which is the main problem facing political debate today, but rather the ideas which permeate society. When one considers, as Orwell describes it, instances of “defending the indefensible”, such as the decision to invade Iraq without sufficient justification, was it actually the language utilized by the administration that convinced people, or mere attitudes which permeated society which were already biased against Arab people in general? It is difficult to construe political speech in this type of situation as wholly untrue; there are too many additional factors, particularly today in the age of mass media with visual elements, which have the ability to influence individuals beyond merely the use of confusing.

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The topics of the declining of the English language and political writing are frequently discussed amongst several people. The English language is constantly being altered with the introduction of new phrases, through generations and social media. These phrases are looked at as bad habits, sometimes referred to as “poor writing” in comparison to good traditional English. Political leaders typically give speeches containing vague language to justify actions taken in places around the world. Personalized Jack and Sally you and me we got this These speeches are believed to use poor writing simply moving away from the truth of what is being discussed. In his essay titled “Politics and the English Language”, George Orwell uses examples to explain what he believes to be poor writing habits, and the common mistakes made by many in modern writing during his era. In Orwell’s essay, five samples of writing are given. These examples are each what George believes illustrates “the mental vices from which we suffer”. On page 10 of his essay Orwell uses a sample from Ecclesiastes. In the first sample by Ecclesiastes, zero words deriving from Latin roots are used.

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Orwell believes that this allows the writers message to be clear to the reader. In the last sentence he states, “I returned and saw under the sun that the race is not to the swift nor the battle to the strong neither yet bread to the wise.” From this sentence alone most can understand that Ecclesiastes is discussing In terms of modern writing Orwell predicts that boobs. Personalized Jack and Sally you and me we got this In his piece “Politics And The English Language”, George Orwell, best known for his allegorical satire Animal Farm and dystopian novel 1984 (Orwell), makes his case that modern day English is “ugly and inaccurate”, and must be simplified in order to be perceived as necessary dialect. He also adds that many modern day pieces have two commonalities, one being the staleness of imagery and the second being the lack of precision. Next, he gives examples of how writers, especially when dealing with politics, have a variety of the same tactics and have lead to “having a meaning and cannot express it”. These tricks include dying metaphors, operators or verbal false limbs, pretentious diction and meaningless words.

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