Engineers are in high demand right now so there are plenty of opportunities to work. Almost everything requires engineering therefore they are much needed. However, say for example I wanted to be an engineer for Ford, then I would have to consider moving to Michigan where their Plant is located.  According to , employment of engineers is expected to grow by nine percent by 2026. A person must be creative and mathematically headed to work as a mechanical engineer. He has to be creative enough to come up with solutions to new and pressing problems in their field. He has to be able to work out plans and manufacture never-before-seen devices to solve new challenges presented by innovation. Personalized fitness welcome to our home sweat home The schooling for mechanical engineering is mainly focused on science and math principles. The University of Texas at Austin offers a great program to train mechanical engineers in the tools, technology, skills, and duties of their profession. The University of Texas (UT) has the tenth ranked engineering school in the nation. To get automatic acceptance into UT, a person needs to be ranked in the top eight to ten percent of their class. However someone can be accepted into UT without being in the top eight to ten percent of his or her class.

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He needs certain scores and grades. To be accepted into UT without automatic acceptance, a person needs to have a GPA of around 3.82 or higher (“Naviance”). A student also needs to take the SAT and ACT tests. For a single SAT 2400 test, a student will need a score of at least 1921. For the ACT test, a student needs to score a minimum of a 29, the highest score a student can get on the ACT is a 36 (“Naviance”). Personalized fitness welcome to our home sweat home To be accepted by either automatic acceptance or through GPA and test scores, he must have completed a certain amount of courses in high school. The student must have four full credits in English courses, and three in Engineering is a career which is popular for its work and modern technologies are produced due to the result of engineering. In other words, it makes our future easier. Technologies interests me as it has creativeness behind it which I think it’s my best skill I have. It’s career which requires lots of manual dexterity and the effort of being key to achieving the final product. Having a family background of engineering, it gives me a backbone in succeeding in this course. From an early age, I loved to design and build things which are unique. In a way I think I was bound to study engineering, as I think it was the most applicable career for me. I have always been curious to know things, especially if it is concerned with physics.

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I remember learning about some parts of electronics in GCSE physics and the science behind it was intriguing and appealed to me. Engineering has some aspect on mathematics and due to this I have taken core maths at Beauchamp College. I have also chosen product design as A level and is one of my biggest strength as I feel more confident as I like to develop my skills and ideas further which is highly required in the engineering sector. Applied ICT has allowed me to understand the concepts of computers as well as learning software information which I think it’s valuable to me when using CAD part of engineering. Personalized fitness welcome to our home sweat home To broaden my knowledge of engineering I have read a number of books, the most interesting of which were ‘Ten Technologies to Save the The specific academic program that is best for turning my passion into a powerful career is mechanical engineering. This will be my academic major course of study, and will most likely lead to a graduate program in mechanical engineering. Naturally, the academic coursework needed to complete an undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering will prepare me for a successful career in the field of applied science and product design.

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